Listening notes: current podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcasts, and have been listening for a while — the oldest ones in my iTunes library date to the summer of 2005, back when the newly-coined term “podcast” was named word of the year.

People sometimes ask what I listen to, and I’m always open to suggestions of great shows. So here are the current podcasts in my listening rotation. What are yours?

Time to share a good book

Pretty much my favourite present to give the kids in my life is a good book. So, when I heard that the clever folks behind Rain City Chronicles were holding a book drive to benefit an East Vancouver children’s library? Yes.

Riot night, ten months later.

I’ve been thinking a lot the Stanley Cup Riot this week, not just because the playoffs started again, prompting more discussions on policing and crowd control. I was excited for the playoffs last year. But 10 months post-riot? Not one bit.

Baby steps in data visualization

A second go at the food prices chart, with updated (to Dec. 2011) food price data from Statistics Canada. The food price rising the fastest? Potatoes.