My last study species, <i>Pundamilia nyererei</i>, an African cichlid.

My last study species, Pundamilia nyererei, an African cichlid.

I’m a journalist based in Vancouver, Canada, currently reporting for CBC News Vancouver on television and radio. I specialize in science and environment stories.

I used to be a biologist, or at least a biologist-in-training. That makes me a geek for all kinds of things that many journalists I’ve met dislike, including animal carcasses and math.

The problem of communicating science and risk well is an ongoing interest of mine, and an area I explored for my Masters at the UBC School of Journalism.

A more recent interest is the (in flux) intersection between mainstream media and social media. I play and work in this world, and my interest in it ramped up when I was part of the team starting the Your Story project, a pilot for citizen journalism at CBC.


I have an Honours degree in Biology (UBC ’02), and I worked in the field for a few seasons before deciding to change paths. I pipetted DNA, watched fish mating dances, and counted kelp in the dark at low tide.

What I studied then — ecology and evolution, mostly in the marine environment — fascinated me, and it still does. But I realized I was more interested in telling stories about the natural world, than in the intervening years of work at the lab and spreadsheet that it takes to do science.

So, I became a storyteller.