Digital Playground: Storifying Hot Dog Day

The happy bilingual posters that signal it’s almost hot dog time at CBC Vancouver. (Andree Lau)

I’m going to experiment with some new-to-me digital storytelling tools, and post the results.

Experiment number one is a learning exercise with Storify—a tool that Openfile, CBC Community and many others use well all the time.

I’d never tried it, so wanted to practice on something low-key before trying it on breaking news. Happy to report it’s very easy.

So here, curated tweets from CBC Vancouver’s Hot Dog Day. Which many, without irony, call the best day of the year at CBC.

Hot Dog Day, and the fans go wild.

Every June, volunteers at CBC Vancouver entice employees away from our cubicles for free hotdogs, chips, veggies and conversation. Even those who generally eschew processed meat learn to love CBC’s Hot Dog Day.

Storified by Lisa Johnson · Sat, Jun 23 2012 11:38:46

The anticipation builds…
Hot Dog Day this Wednesday! @daveshumkaLisa Christiansen
Best day on #CBC calendar RT @LisachristCBC: Hot Dog Day this Wednesday! @daveshumkaKaren Tankard
…until the big day.
This may not fit what you imagine about public broadcasters, but CBCers get really excited about hot dog day. It’s today.Lisa Johnson
Hoping my colleagues here at CBC take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Hot Dog DayRoss Bragg
I saw a man with 3 hot dogs! #hotdogdayAndree Lau
It’s true. Hot dog day has made us giddy around here.Stephen Quinn
It’s not all joy, though. Gravity and mustard can be a tricky combination. 
Eating hot dogs around coworkers is awkward enough, I showed up late for hot dog day and this is what I will now attempt to eat gracefully.lanagay
Accidentally consumed a vegi-dog at #cbchotdogday. People seriously eat those things?Stephen Quinn
Missed hot dog day and my computer is so slow I have time to tweet.Meera Bains
All the excitement made listeners start to wonder, what’s going on?
@Meerakati Wait… Hot Dog day? Is the office secretly an elementary school?Jon Salt, Esq.
That’s strange. There’s nothing on the #CBC news web page about Hot Dog Day.Heather
@CBCStephenQuinn Donuts as well?Ian Alexander Martin
@CBCStephenQuinn Was there beer?Stephanie C.
@ianamartin @stepc @cbcstephenquinn No! There was babybel cheese and celery sticks though!Jeremy Allingham
But all good things, must end.
@cbcstephenquinn Hot dog day giddiness wearing off. Need caffeine.Jeremy Allingham

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