Food prices, visualized

People seemed interested in the food price information in my last post, so here’s a few more figures from that same Statistics Canada data, put in a chart. I really wish I had a better tool for visualizing data on the web than Excel — that will have to go on a to-do list. Anyone have any suggestions?

Click through to see the chart…

Change in average food prices in Canada

The latest data available show food prices for each October for 2007-2011. So, I calculated percent change for the past year, and the past four years. Because the x-axis is so far down, I popped on a couple of the 1-year numbers to make it more clear.

Source: Statistics Canada, as of Dec. 3 2011

And income?

For most people, are not growing at the same pace. For example, in B.C. the average hourly wages went up 2.3% in the past year (not adjusted for inflation).

Some groups did much better: managers’ wages on average went up 7%, certain industries saw wages go up 12%. Others did worse: young workers (15-24) saw their average hourly wages decrease.


  1. How are those of us who are on Disability benefits supposed to cope when we barely get by as it is?

  2. Vegetable cooking/salad oils have gone up over 50% in the past three years. Must be partially due to biofuel production. All the more reason to put resources into developing viable algal oil-based biofuel production.
    The BC Liberal government, incidentally, has given petroluem fuels a 5% REDUCTION while imposing the full tax on almost-carbon NEUTRAL biodiesel. This, along with the sudden imposition of the full road tax, has almost destroyed the BC biodiesel industry. But because there is a mandate to include 5% renewables in petroleum road fuels (gasoline and diesel oil), BC must now not only import its petroleum fuels (from Alberta) but its renewable fuels as well!
    The point of the digression above is that transportation, fuel and food production are all intertwined.

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