New and improved! Feed has arrived.

Help available here! (Photo by cogdogblog on flickr)

Well, mostly just improved.

I had been getting pretty frustrated with some pieces of this site that weren’t working. There had never been an RSS feed, the comment form was broken, and so on.

So, I hit up the very friendly people at the WordPress help desk at Northern Voice this weekend. Not only was the help free, but it was nice. No judging when I introduced the problem to each subsequent person as:

Sorry, I built the site myself, so it’s probably not done right, and I probably can’t tell you how I did it….

Miss604 gave the first crack at it, with some tips on plugins that might work better for me. Then Digital Entomologist Lloyd Budd took it on for hours, looking for where I hid a wee bit of code that he figured was messing things up. He eventually did, with a little help from Scott Leslie, and now the feed works.

Thanks all! I also learned a lesson: plopping code somewhere to make the site look prettier just might be breaking it.

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