I’m a journalist based in Vancouver, Canada, currently working as the environment reporter for CBC News Vancouver.

Reporting from Grouse Mountain

On Grouse Mountain

One thing I’ll do here is post about the stories I’m reporting. They range from newsy, like the crash in recycling commodity prices, to the more citizen/consumer focused. For example, I recently did a piece on the messy question, “How clean does my peanut butter jar have to be to get recycled?” (Pretty clean, it turns out.)

I used to be a biologist, or at least a biologist-in-training. That makes me a geek for all kinds of things that many journalists I’ve met dislike, including animal carcasses and math. The problem of communicating science and risk well in the news is an ongoing interest of mine.

I’ve also been working at another intersection lately — where mainstream media is experimenting with social media. I was part of the team that started the Your Story project in 2007, which was CBC’s first pilot in citizen journalism. In some ways, this is a natural next step, another tool for newsgathering. But there’s also a culture clash there — which makes it tricky, and interesting.

After a period of meaning to, I’ve now stumbled through enough code to put together this site, as a place to write about these topics.

Thanks for checking it out!


  1. Nice work getting the blog up. This is certainly more customization than I’m capable of pulling off… kudos.

  2. Thanks James! The theme was pretty clean and simple to make some changes on (custom header, etc.)
    Which is good, because I just tweak code by trial and error: make guesses about what a line does, change it, see what it breaks, and proceed from there, trying to unbreak it.

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